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New Pathways

At Mindbodytherapy.ie you will work

your way through your questioning or challenges

in order for you to form new understandings

and find new pathways.



Your own Creative potential

You as a human have a capacity to tap

into your rich source of Creativity to find meaningful

and inspiring solutions to your difficulties in life.  

I believe strongly in the real Creative potential of

human beings.

IACP Accredited Counsellor | Malahide



Help and support

Guided by a Counsellor/Therapist in a safe space you will get the opportunity to

  • explore your feelings;

  • gain clarity on your thoughts and

  • develop greater understanding of your actions/behaviours and circumstances


It really can help to talk to a professional

  • who is caring and empathic,

  • who is skilled in the art of  listening  and

  • who will work with you to support you in your decision-making.


I believe that my professional service may help you. 

                For appointment

    Phone / Text  087 - 7781428




  St. James' Terrace, Malahide Village,

Co. Dublin


Limerick City


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