About the work

There are many different approaches to Therapy.


Person Centred

My approach is fundamentally Person Centred.  I tailor the therapy to your needs and goals 

Approaches to Counselling and (Psycho) Therapy Work

When working with you I integrate different therapeutic approaches.


I recognize the importance of working with you as a whole person.  My holistic approach includes all aspects of your Being, addressing issues of an emotional, psychological, spiritual, sexual and physical nature. 


Drawing on my experience as an Educator I like to demystify, clarify and simplify concepts for my clients.  I show them how counselling /psychotherapy work and how powerfully transformative this therapy can be for them in their lives.


Drawing on my experience as a qualified Yoga Teacher, I understand and embrace the benefits of Mindfulness as a complement to Counselling/Psychotherapy. I encourage its’ practice as a real support for people in coping with stress and anxieties outside of therapy sessions.


Increase in Awareness

Through therapy people experience the real connection between Thoughts, Actions and Feelings.

For me this echoes the increase in awareness which people experience of the real connection between the Mind, Body and Spirit (through Yoga practice). 

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

I sometimes draw on this approach by using Choice Theory /Reality Therapy.  This therapy is used to help you understand that

  • how you think (cognitive),

  • what you do (behaviour or action) and

  • how you feel all impact on each other.

This therapy focuses on how you think about yourself, the world and other people.

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